Error Enrolling Mac into Mosyle


When tyring to enroll a WKU-Owned Mac into Mosyle, an error is displayed:

Update to mdm profile contains different server url


  • WKU-Owned Mac


This error occurs when the computer has already been enrolled into a MDM. Normally, upon enrollment, the Self-Service app will install automatically. Occasionally, however, the app fails to install, leaving the computer in a semi-managed limbo state.


The computer is already enrolled. If the Self-Service app is missing from the Applications list, follow the steps below to manually install it.
  1. On the Client's computer, click to: Download Mosyle Self-Service App Installer.
  2. Open the Downloads folder.
  3. Right-click the installer (titled Business-6.8.1_b67-production.pkg) and select Open.
  4. If a warning message appears, click Open Anyway.
  5. Continue through the installer.
  6. Once complete, open the Applications list.
  7. Launch Self-Service.
  8. Have the Client enter their WKU Email address and NetID password, and click Sign In.
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