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Information about the profile settings assigned to Faculty and Staff Macs.
Instructions for installing the Self Service app manually on WKU-owned macOS devices.
Instructions for editing a Staff Directory page in OU Campus.
Instructions on how to add a CV to an employee's profile in Omni CMS.
Instructions on setting up separate Outlook profiles on a Windows computer with a single logon profile.
Instructions on how to set the default Outlook data file.
Instructions for making the Contacts Tool available.
Instructions for creating a new Outlook profile / identity on macOS.
Instructions for adding a profile photo to WKU Email in OWA.
Instructions for replacing a staff profile photo with the WKU logo in OU Addons.
Instructions for creating a new Outlook profile.
Instructions for creating a new user profile in Windows 8.
Instructions on finding the capacity for a Zoom meeting.
Information about sharing files between multiple users of a local computer.