Computer, Devices, & Printers

Articles about computers, printers, and peripheral devices NOT utilized in a classroom or lab.

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External Drives

Articles about USB flash drives and USB external drives.


Articles about laptops and laptop accessories.


Articles about issues with external monitors.

Mouse & Keyboard

Articles about mice and keyboard devices.

Operating System

Articles about operating systems.


Articles about peripheral devices. (e.g, speakers, disk drive, webcams, etc.)

Printing and Scanning

Articles about issues with printing, scanning, and printing resources.

Articles (22)

Computer Not Turning On

Information on what to do when a desktop or laptop computer does not power on.

Computer Running Slowly

Information on what to do when your computer is running slowly.

Disabling Wake On LAN in Bios

Information about disabling the Wake On Lan feature in bios.

Finding Apple Technical Specifications for Non-Current Products

Instructions for finding technical specifications for non-current Apple hardware.

Installing a New WKU-Owned Computer

Information on how to get new WKU-owned computers installed.

Issues with Classroom Technology Hardware

Details on how to resolve a technical issue with WKU Classroom hardware.

Logging in to WKU-owned Computer

Information regarding logging in to a WKU-owned computer.

Not Recognizing a Boot Device (Windows)

Information about a computer not booting due to no boot devices being found.

Obtaining an Inventory Control Number

Information on obtaining an Inventory Control Number for a WKU-owned computer.

OptiPlex 7000 Series Not Booting

Information about Dell OptiPlex 7040 computers not turning on after a full shutdown.

Ordering Supplies for a Printer

Instructions on how to order supplies for an MPS printer.

Purchasing WKU-Owned Computers, Equipment, or Devices

Information about purchasing WKU-Owned computers, equipment, or IT-related devices upon ending employment.

Purchasing WKU-Owned Devices With Personal Funds

Information on when and how WKU-owned equipment can be purchased by an individual with personal money.

Receiving Support for Donated Computers

Information about ITS' support of donated computers.

Registering a Credit Card Reader on the Network

Instructions on how to get a card reader registered on the WKU network.

Replacing Old Computers

Information about when to replace WKU-owned computers.

Reporting a Computer for Surplus

Information on what to do when you need to return a computer that your department no longer has a use for.

Sending a Remote Fax

Instructions for sending and using remote fax for WKU MPS printers and devices.

Troubleshooting Surface Keyboard

Instructions for troubleshooting an inoperable Microsoft Surface keyboard.

Turning Off Camera Privacy Mode in Lenovo Settings

Instructions for turning off camera privacy mode in Lenovo settings.

Turning Off Slow Keys

Instructions for disabling Slow Keys on macOS.

Which USB Ports Should I Use

Information regarding using USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 ports on a computer.