Logging in to WKU-owned Computer


How do I log in to my computer?


  • WKU-Owned Computer


Normally, you login with your NetID and password. If you are unable to login with this information, you may need to be added to certain Active Directory Groups. If you have been added to Active Directory Groups the computer may need to have your Active Directory Groups connected to your computer. Please contact the ITS Service Desk if you are still having issues logging in to a WKU-owned computer.

 Note: Regarding laptops and all-in-one devices with WiFi (e.g. iMac), logging in for the first time requires a wired connection on WKU's network. Subsequent logins can occur while on WiFi or away from WKU, but the computer will need to connect to WKU's wired network periodically (every 90 days) to ensure its licensing stays active.

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