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Information about the "No log-on servers available" error you can get when trying to log in to a WKU-owned computer.
Instructions for logging into Banner.
Instructions for logging into WKU email.
Instructions to look up a student worker TopNet advisor account and reset the PIN.
Instructions for extending the automatic log-out time for TopNet sessions.
Instructions for encountering Accounts Flagged for Suspicious Activity when accessing Library Databases.
Information about changing your NetID.
Information on when you will be able to login Blackboard.
Information about the error message "the logon method you are using is not allowed" when trying to log into a computer.
Information regarding logging in to a WKU-owned computer.
Information on what to do when Outlook keeps prompting for your username and password on startup and will not accept it.
Instructions for logging into the Blackboard Mobile app.
Instructions for logging in to Blackboard.
Instructions for creating a new Zoom account or signing into a Zoom account licensed by WKU.
Information on how to log into the iWKU app with or with a NetID and password.