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Information about accessing WKU computer lab machines remotely.
Instructions on setting up separate Outlook profiles on a Windows computer with a single logon profile.
Information on finding a machine's purchase date.
Instructions for connecting to WKU-SECURE on a Windows 8 computer.
Information about the TopperTech Office.
Instructions for connecting to the WKU-SECURE network on a Linux based machine.
Information on what to do when students need advice on buying a computer.
Information on what WKU-owned computers are supported by Desktop Support.
Information on obtaining an Inventory Control Number for a WKU-owned computer.
Information on how software is installed on classroom and lab computers.
Information on purchasing a recycled computer from Desktop Support.
Information on what to do when you need to return a computer that your department no longer has a use for.
Instructions for unlocking a computer that was locked by another user.
Information about the error message "the logon method you are using is not allowed" when trying to log into a computer.
Instructions on deactivating Office365 licenses so you can install it on a different device.