Articles about issues with printing, scanning, and printing resources.

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Changing Default Printer (macOS)

Instructions on changing your default printer on macOS.

Changing Default Printer (Windows)

Instructions for changing the default printer on Windows 11.

Clearing Bad Print Jobs (Windows)

Instructions for clearing bad or failed print jobs on a Windows computer.

Credit Card Terminal Not Printing

Instructions for when a credit card terminal will not print.

Expiring Printer or Copier Lease

Migrating to Managed Print Services when a copier or printer lease expires.

Forcing Single-Sided Printing

Instructions for changing a Mac printer's default option to force it to print single-sided if the feature cannot be changed normally.

Installing Wireless Printers

Information about installing a wireless printer on WKU's campus.

Issues with Leased Printers

Information on what to do if your leased printer from a vendor is having issues.

Missing Microsoft Print to PDF (Windows)

Instructions for re-obtaining the Microsoft Print to PDF printer option in Windows.

Moving a Printer

Instructions for moving a printer.

Not Printing in Banner

Information regarding issues printing Banner receipts.

Not Printing on Both Sides

Instructions on how to get 2-sided printing to be a default setting.

Printing a Test Page

Instructions on how to print a test page.

Printing in Color (macOS)

Instructions for printing in color from a Mac to a Manage Print Service (MPS) device.

Printing Single Sided (macOS)

Instructions for printing single-sided on a macOS computer.

Printing Specific Pages of a Document

Information on printing specific pages in a document.

Prompting to Load Manual Feeder to Print

Instructions for resolving an issue with a printer wanting to automatically print to the manual feeder.

Requesting Spent Toner Pick-Up

Instructions on requesting spent printer toner cartridge pick-up.

Trouble Printing a Specific Document

Information for resolving an issue printing a specific document.

Troubleshooting Printing Issues (Windows)

Information on troubleshooting printing problems in Microsoft Windows.