Forcing Single-Sided Printing


I need to print something single-sided, but I cannot disable the duplex option.


 Note: Changing any other settings may result in printer errors or undesired effects.

  1. Click (Spotlight Search).
  2. Enter Terminal.
  3. Select the  Terminal application and press return.
  4. Enter the following:
    cupsctl WebInterface=yes
  5. Press return.
  6. In a web browser, navigate to localhost:631/printers.
  7. Click the Queue Name of the printer.
  8. In the Administration drop-down menu, select Set Default Options.
  9. Click Finishing.
  10. In the Duplex: drop-down menu, select None.
  11. Click Set Default Options.

Documents will now print single-sided. If both printing methods are frequently needed, it is recommended to add another instance of the printer, leaving the Duplex option enabled.


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