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Instructions for instructors on changing settings to allow / disallow students from creating new threads on Discussion Board forums.
Instructions for enabling the ability to "remember me for 30 days" on DUO for Safari
Information about the recommended Zoom security settings for meetings.
Instructions on how to change priority of Internet connection options. This is useful for docked laptop setups where wireless is trying to connect before Ethernet, causing issues.
Instructions for instructors on how to resolve error with Lockdown browser exams.
Instructions for finding saved Zoom recordings on your computer.
Instructions for enabling a Zoom Waiting Room for all meetings.
Instructions for allowing removed Zoom participants to rejoin a meeting room.
Information about troubleshooting call forwarding on Cisco Jabber.
Instructions for changing your audio device preferences in Cisco Jabber.
Instructions for resetting Microsoft Edge's settings to default.
Instructions for turning off Focused Inbox in Outlook on multiple platforms.
Instructions for removing a white bar that appears at the top of certain windows in Windows 10.
Instructions for changing the homepage in Firefox.
Instructions for adding emails and domains to the safe sender list in OWA.