Not Printing on Both Sides


I want to print a document on both sides of the paper, but it comes out single-sided.


  • Windows 7+


Multiple settings can interfere with the desired output, such as the program's specific settings, the printer's settings in Windows, or the settings on the printer itself.


  1. Ensure the printer is capable of printing on both sides, called duplexing, and that the function is enabled.
  2. Check that the proper driver is installed and configured for duplexing:
    1. Click (Start).
    2. Type Printers.
    3. Select Devices and Printers.
    4. Right-click the printer in question.
    5. Select Printer properties.
    6. Click Advanced.
    7. Ensure the driver's manufacturer matches the printer's.
      Note: The entry may contain Universal (or something similar) or Series with a specific model number in the driver's name. Both are acceptable.
    8. Click Printing Defaults... .
    9. If the printer/driver supports it, the duplex options will be listed somewhere in the new window.
  3. Open the document in question and ensure the program used is configured for duplexing in its Print menu.

If the issue persists, please contact the ITS Service Desk.


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