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Instructions for resetting MFA on TopperMail or Google Workspace accounts.
Instructions to view login history for Microsoft 365 accounts.
Information about changing a student email multi factor authentication number.
Instructions on how to edit the font and size of font in OWA
Instructions for logging into Adobe Spark.
Instructions for accessing shared mailbox accounts after migration to Microsoft 365.
Information about the meaning of bounce back emails you can receive when sending emails from your Exchange account.
Instructions for adding a WKU Exchange account through the Outlook for Android app.
Information on when Faculty and Staff will get their email account created.
Information about getting a WKU email account created for Affiliates or Non-Employees of WKU.
Information regarding what to do when Outlook hides when it is minimized.
Instructions for adding a WKU Exchange Account (Faculty/Staff email) to an iOS device.
Instructions for adding a shared calendar in Outlook 2019 on macOS computers.
Instructions for turning off Focused Inbox in Outlook on multiple platforms.
Information about accessing student email accounts before registering for classes for the first time.