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Instructions for setting default preference of sending attachments via OWA.
Information about the meaning of bounce back emails you can receive when sending emails from your Exchange account.
Information about access email for retirees, temporary/seasonal, and other employees leaving WKU.
Instructions for removing the Adobe Send and Track Add-in which can cause corrupt email attachments.
Instructions for correcting Outlook 2019 not being able to search for mail.
Information about updating mail application credentials after having your email account migrated to Microsoft 365.
Information about changing the manager of an email distribution list.
Instructions on how to delay the delivery of an email in Outlook 2016.
Instructions for accessing shared mailbox accounts after migration to Microsoft 365.
Instructions on creating mailing groups in Outlook.
Information about accessing student email accounts before registering for classes for the first time.
Information regarding non-WKU sources requesting student contact information.
Information for handling spam and phishing scam emails.
Instructions for Alumni requesting that a WKU email account be created.
Information about how long students can keep their email accounts.