Creating a Mailing Group in Microsoft 365


How do I create mailing groups in Outlook that will serve as a distribution list?


  • OWA


When adding members to your group, please note that only WKU accounts can be added. 
  1. Sign into OWA.
  2. Navigate to the Groups folder in the menu panel.
  3. Expand Groups and select New group.
  4. Create a Name and Description for the mailing group.
    The title of the group will be listed under the name box. For example, it will look something like Grp_*** which will be shown in the Groups folder once created.
  5. For the Email address box, you may use the title as the email address.
    Note: For example, the email address will look something like grp_*** and it should populate the email address for you.
  6. Select Create and add members to the group.


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