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Instructions for a Main Site Contact on giving someone rights to edit an Omni CMS page.
Instructions for giving someone access to edit the Calendar Add-On in Omni CMS.
Information about what Setup Needed status is in OUAddons when you add a user to a website.
Information on adding an access code to an MPS Ricoh printer.
Information about requesting access to the MOA (Memoranda of Agreement) System.
Instructions to share a Qualtrics survey with another individual.
Information about correcting an incorrect username or password error when logging into a computer.
Instructions for finding login credentials for WKU Guest Accounts.
Information about changing incorrect information on file with WKU.
Instructions for removing an instructor, TA, or GA from a course site.
Information regarding different Course User Roles within Blackboard.
Information about UAC (User Access Control) prompting to be enabled.
Instructions for creating a new user profile in Windows 8.
Information on how to share files between users of the same Mac computer.
Instructions on adding a user to a site.