Adding a User to an Authorize.Net Payment Account

 Only Account Administrators on an Authorize.Net account have the ability to manage user accounts and access. If you are not an Account Administrator, or you do not know an Account Administrator for the Authorize.Net account in question, please contact the ITS Service Desk for additional assistance or submit a service request by clicking the Request Service button.


How do I add a new user to our Authorize.Net account(s)?


  • WKU Payment Acceptance Service
    • Authorize.Net


An existing Account Administrator on the Authorize.Net account should be able to setup new user access under the Account > User Administration menus within Authorize.Net.


Login ID Naming Scheme

When setting up a new user account, we ask folks to use the following naming scheme for new login IDs. In the case that the new user might need access to more than one Authorize.Net account down the road, this naming scheme helps avoid login ID naming collisions, etc.

wku.[department/account name].[first_initial][lastname]


Example Login IDs for "Big Red"

Added to a "Graduate Application" Account


Added to a "Bursar" Account



Account Roles

As for which role you'd like to assign to the new user's account when you set it up, below are a few of the ones we typically use and a brief description for each. You can see more detailed explanations of the different roles in Authorize.Net while setting up the new account.

Account Administrator

This is the person who makes decisions about the account, can add users, and can adjust account settings. At least one person should be assigned this role.

Account Analyst

This is usually the person reconciling the ProCard, needing access to reports, etc.

Transaction Manager

This is usually the person settling the daily transactions.

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