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Instructions for using the Microsoft Authenticator app as multi factor authentication method on multiple platforms.
Instructions for clearing cache in a browser.
Information about accessing Microsoft 365 after graduation and/or absence from WKU.
Instructions for logging into Banner.
Instructions for installing Microsoft Office on a WKU-owned macOS device.
Information for Faculty/Staff/Students about installing Microsoft 365 on a personal computer.
How to prevent Microsoft Teams from attempting to launch each time the computer boots.
This article details how one can book a meeting with a full-time faculty/staff using Bookings With Me.
Instructions for creating new meetings using Bookings with Me.
Information about logging into Microsoft Imagine for CIT, BS, and SM students.
Instructions for disabling the Cached Exchange Mode in order to resolve Shared Mailbox sync issues.
Information about Microsoft 365 stating that the subscription has expired.
Information about the restriction on and approval process for Microsoft Store apps on WKU-owned Windows 10 computers.
Instructions on creating mailing groups in Outlook.
Instructions for adding a new member to an existing Team or Channel within Microsoft Teams.