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Information about Microsoft OneDrive.
Instructions for adding a new member to an existing Team or Channel within Microsoft Teams.
How to prevent Microsoft Teams from attempting to launch each time the computer boots.
Instructions for uploading a file within Microsoft OneDrive and sharing it with other users.
Instructions for clearing cache in a browser.
Information for Faculty/Staff/Students about installing Microsoft 365 on a personal computer.
Instructions for setting up Microsoft's Multi-Factor authentication for TopperMail accounts and retired faculty / staff email accounts.
Instructions for using the Microsoft Authenticator app as multi factor authentication method on multiple platforms.
Information about accessing Microsoft Office after graduation and/or absence from WKU.
Instructions for adjusting the Zoom settings in your web browser.
This article details how one can book a meeting with a full-time faculty/staff using Bookings With Me.
Instructions for creating new meetings using Bookings with Me.
Instructions for locating a word or phrase on a document in Microsoft Word.
Instructions for installing Microsoft Office on a WKU-owned macOS device.
Information about Microsoft 365 installations failing to start.