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Instructions for applying the same view settings to all mail folders in Outlook 2019.
Information about logging into Microsoft Imagine for CIT, BS, and SM students.
Instructions on how to open an Office program document that has a Grant Access Error.
Instructions for current Faculty/Staff/Students on installing Office 365 for free on their personal Mac. Currently, Office 365 offers Office 2019.
Instructions for editing an axis on a chart.
Information about the Solver Add-in displaying Run-time error 53.
Instructions for removing markup showing on a printed Word document.
Instructions to insert a Next Page Section Break in Microsoft Word.
Information regarding correcting the inability to copy and paste text in a Microsoft Word document.
Instructions for compressing pictures in Microsoft Office documents to reduce their file size.
Instructions on changing the page orientation for a document in Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows
Instructions for adding a departmental calendar to Other Calendars list in Outlook 2016 for Windows.
Instructions for setting up Microsoft's Multi-Factor authentication for TopperMail accounts and retired faculty / staff email accounts.
Instructions for allowing Word documents to be edited immediately upon opening directly from Outlook 2016.
Information on what to do when Microsoft Edge submits a 0 byte file when the file is open at the time of submission in Blackboard.