Using Microsoft Authenticator App Offline


How do I authenticate using the Microsoft Authenticator app if my smart phone or mobile device does not currently have internet connectivity?


In rare cases, the need to pass multi-factor authentication (MFA) without being connected to the internet may arise.


  1. When prompted Approve sign in request, click I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now.
  2. Click Use a verification code.
  3. Open Microsoft Authenticator app on your smart phone or mobile device.
  4. Tap your WKU account.
  5. A 6-digit One-time password code will display.
  6. Input 6-digit code into Enter code field on device you are using to log in and click Verify.
    A new code is automatically generated every 30 seconds. You must enter code during this 30-second window or a new code will generate and invalidate the old code.
  7. If asked to Stay signed in, click Yes.
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