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Information regarding Microsoft Edge browser submitting the wrong data in forms.
Instructions for using the Microsoft Authenticator app if you do not currently have internet connectivity on your smart phone or mobile device.
Instructions for clearing cache in a browser.
Instructions how to fix the accessibility final check serious problem: Table headers in a data table must refer to data cells.
Information about getting access to the Advisor tab within TopNet.
Instructions on how to reset your Chromebook to default settings.
Instructions for removing stored student IDs from the Advisors & Student Data Inquiry tab in TopNet in Chrome.
Instructions for manually backing up iOS content to iCloud.
Information on resolving an issue where your iOS 9 device is using more data than normal.
Instructions on how to apply conditional formatting to cells in Excel 2016.
Instructions on how to set the default Outlook data file.
Instructions for clearing the cache in Outlook.
Instructions for importing data from other browsers into Safari.
Instructions for correcting the Missing Payment Form Data error when processing a payment to WKU Parking and Transportation.
Instructions for setting up Time Machine on a Mac computer.