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Instructions for setting up WKU Guest Account MFA for Blackboard access.
Instructions for when Online Interlibrary Loan system displays error: The user name or password is invalid. Authentication Failed.
Instructions for setting up Microsoft's Multi-Factor authentication for TopperMail accounts and retired faculty / staff email accounts.
Instructions for adding multiple authentication methods to access your email account.
Instructions for using the Microsoft Authenticator app as multi factor authentication method on multiple platforms.
Information about changing a student email multi factor authentication number.
Instructions for resetting MFA on TopperMail or Google Workspace accounts.
Instructions for activating Duo on a new phone with the same number?
Instructions for WKU employees on how to enroll their account with Duo.
Instructions for preventing non-WKU users from accessing a Zoom meeting by requiring authentication.
Instructions for enabling Google Workspace 2-step verification.
Information on access codes for Ricoh (MPS) printers.
Instructions on what to do when the "A break in attempt has been detected! Please login again" error message occurs on TopNet.