Logging into Blackboard Using WKU Guest Accounts


How do I log into Blackboard using a WKU Guest Account? 


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WKU Guest Accounts must configure proper MFA (multi-factor authentication) upon the first login to Blackboard. Subsequent logins to Blackboard will not require the configuration of MFA, but you must still approve the login via the MFA method you select during the initial login. 


  1. Navigate to WKU's Blackboard home page
  2. Click the WKU Sign In button. 
  3. Enter your guest account username and add @ad.wku.edu to the end of it.
    Note: guest.bigred becomes guest.bigred@ad.wku.edu in this case. 
  4. Click Next
  5. Enter your password. 
  6. Click Next
  7. When prompted for more information, click Next
  8. Decide how you would like to authenticate. You may authenticate by phone, or by downloading and using the Microsoft Authenticator app on a smartphone or tablet. 
    Note: You will have to have this authentication method with you each time you wish to sign into Blackboard. If your authentication method is set to use a landlineyou must be available to answer that phone when you want to sign into Blackboard. Additionally, you will need to have your smartphone or tablet with you should you choose to authenticate using the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  9. If you would like to authenticate by phone, complete the following steps, if you would like to authenticate using the Microsoft Authenticator app, please click Next and follow the onscreen instructions. 
    1. Click I want to set up a different method on the screen. 
    2. Select phone from the dropdown menu. 
    3. Select your country and input your telephone information
    4. Select if you would like to receive a text message, or a phone call
    5. Click Next
    6. Follow the steps on the screen to complete your registration. 
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