WKU Accounts & Passwords

Articles about WKUIDs, NetIDs, and Guest Accounts.

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Guest Accounts

Articles about the WKU Guest Account system.

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Changing Display Name

Information on getting your display name changed with WKU.

Changing Incorrect Demographic Information

Information about changing incorrect information on file with WKU.

Differences in WKU Accounts

Information about the differences in WKU accounts.

Ending Employment and Disabling Accounts

Information for hiring managers on how to disable WKU accounts for a terminated employee.

Finding a NetID

Instructions for locating your NetID.

Finding a WKUID

Instructions for locating your WKUID.

Gaining Access to a Student's Account

Instructions on how someone can gain access to a student's account when they are not the student.

KCTCS Student Account Information

Information on what type of accounts get issued to SKY KCTCS students living on WKU's campus.

Receiving Password Must Be Different Error

Information about resolving the WKU Accounts page error message "Invalid Password. Your password can not be the same as your last password."

Requesting Sponsored Computer Lab Accounts

Information on how to request a large number of sponsored accounts.

Resetting a NetID Password

Instructions for resetting your NetID password.

Resetting a WKUID PIN

Instructions for resetting your WKUID PIN.

Too Many Failed Password Reset Attempts

Information on how to resolve too many failed attempts on the WKU Accounts and Logins web page ( http://www.wku.edu/it/accounts/manage/ ).

Viewing Account Passwords

Information about viewing your WKU account passwords.