Ending Employment and Disabling Accounts


I have an employee that is being terminated. How do I get their WKU Accounts disabled?


  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Student Workers




If employment is being terminated, the hiring manager must contact Human Resources at 270-745-5360 to start the account disabling process.

If the employee has already left WKU and accounts need to be disabled, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 270-745-7000 or through chat.

Student Workers

The hiring manager must fill out this online service request to start the account disabling process.


Service Desk Consultants Only

If you direct a hiring manager to contact Human Resources close ticket template Information > Direct Client to Another Phone Number and log the ticket under the hiring manager's name. 

If you direct a hiring manger to the service catalog request close ticket template Software and Enterprise Systems > TeamDynamix > Assist Client with Service Catalog and log the ticket under the hiring manager's name.

If the hiring manager contacts us about an employee who has already left fill out the appropriate account modification tickets and route accordingly (e.g., Accounts > Active Directory > Modify Rights, Accounts > Exchange > Modify Public Folder (Shared Calendar) Access Rights, Accounts > Exchange > Create Sponsored Account).


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