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Instructions on creating mailing groups in Outlook.
Instructions for removing a personal computer from TopperMail Mobile Device Management if it has been enrolled.
Instructions on how to enable the creation of contact lists on Outlook for macOS.
Instructions on how to add a shared contacts group to your own contacts.
Instructions for requesting a shared mailbox account (e.g.,
Instructions for expanding and closing an email group in Outlook.
Information about the difference between a group and group set in Blackboard.
Instructions for WKU faculty/staff on how to email specific groups of students.
Instructions on viewing a single student section in the grade center in Blackboard.
Instructions for students to create groups within Blackboard.
Instructions on changing Blackboard group memberships.
Instructions for setting a theme in Blackboard group pages.
Instructions for creating a self-enroll group on Blackboard.
Information about creating folders on the WKU Shared Drive.
Information on how to get someone added to an Active Directory group.