Unlinking a Personal Computer from TopperMail Group Policy Mobile Device Management


I signed into my TopperMail account on my personal computer and there are group policies for different Windows settings that I cannot change. How can I remove this?


  • Windows 10
    • TopperMail


When activating Microsoft 365 from WKU there is an option during the installation and activation process that may be overlooked that will enroll your computer into InTune policies to override your own preferences via Mobile Device Management. This association must be removed before you can change some settings. 


  1. Click the  Windows button. 
  2. Select the  Settings gear. 
  3. Select the Accounts section. 
  4. Select the Access work or school section
  5. Click your WKU TopperMail account
  6. Select Disconnect
  7. Reboot your computer after the account has disconnected to change your settings. 
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