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Adding Java Application Websites to the Exception Site List

Instructions for adding Java-based application sites to the Windows Exception Site List.

Adjusting the Taskbar

Instruction for readjusting Windows' Taskbar.

Changing File Extensions

Instructions for changing the file type extension within Windows.

Changing Keyboard Language

Instructions on how to change your keyboard language in Windows.

Changing Screen Orientation

Instructions on changing the screen orientation in Windows.

Changing Sleep Settings

Instructions for changing the sleep settings in Windows 7 and later machines.

Changing the Date and Time

Instructions for modifying the date and time in Windows Operating Systems.

Changing Window Size on Application Startup

Instructions on how to change the default window size of an application when you open it on Startup.

Changing Windows Notification Sounds

Instructions on how to change the Windows notification sounds.

Checking for Recording Devices

Instructions for checking for microphones / recording devices on a Windows computer.

Checking If Device Has DHCP Enabled (Windows)

Instructions for checking that a Windows computer is using DHCP.

Clearing Hard Drive Space

Instructions for freeing up space on your C:\ drive.

Closing an Unresponsive Program

Instructions for manually closing an unresponsive program in Windows.

Copying and Pasting

Instructions for copying and pasting items on a Windows computer.

Creating a Desktop Shortcut

Instructions for creating a desktop shortcut in Windows.

Creating a Zipped Folder

Instructions on how to create a zipped folder in Windows.

Deleting a Printer

Instructions for removing a printer in Windows 7 and later.

Displaying Hard Drive Usage

Instructions on how to see how much space is in use on your hard drive in Windows based machines.

ESRV.exe - Application Error Pop Up

Instructions for correcting the ESRV.exe - Application Error pop up screen on Windows computers.

Getting Windows out of Safe Mode

Instructions for restarting the computer to get Windows out of Safe Mode

Installing a Font

Instructions for installing a font on Windows 7+.

Issues with Default File Sorting

Instructions for changing default file sorting.

Minimizing All Open Windows to Show the Desktop

Instructions for minimizing all windows to show the desktop.

Password Required on Wake-Up

Information about why there is a password requirement when a WKU-owned computer wakes up.

Receiving Windows Updates Managed by WKU ITS

Information about how Windows updates are applied to WKU-owned and managed devices.

Renaming a Printer

Instructions for renaming a printer in Windows 7 or later.

Running as Administrator

Instructions for opening/running a file as an administrator.

Running System File Checker

Instructions for running System File Checker on Windows.

Sharing Files Between Multiple Users on One Computer

Information about sharing files between multiple users of a local computer.

Stopping Sleep Mode When Laptop Lid Closes

Instructions on how to stop sleep mode when the laptop lid is closed.

Student Worker Rollout Icon Information

Information about what the Student Worker Rollout icon means.

Unexpected Shutdown

Instructions for what to do if Windows experiences an Unexpected Shutdown Error.

Upgrading WKU-Owned Dells From Windows 10 to Windows 11

Instructions for upgrading WKU-Owned Dells to Windows 11.

Windows IP Address Conflict

Instructions for flushing the DNS for the following error: Network Error: Windows has detected and IP conflict. Another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network administrator for help resolving this issue. More details are available in the Windows System event log.

Windows N and KN editions

Instructions on how to enable media playback on Windows N and KN editions.