Changing Keyboard Language


How can I set my keyboard to type in a different language?


  • Windows 7


Microsoft has a significant number of language packs installed with Windows. These can be setup to be used with a keyboard and changed on the fly between the default language and the user specified language.

  1. In the search bar on the Start menu, type input config.
  2. Select Change keyboards or other input methods.
  3. The Keyboards and Languages tab should be selected by default. Click Change keyboards... under Keyboards and other input languages.
  4. Click Add....
  5. Find the language you would like to add.
  6. Click the box next to the listed language to expand the available options.
  7. Click the Keyboard option to show more options.
  8. Click the appropriate selection.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Apply.

If successful, a new icon should appear on the taskbar with an abbreviated listing of the language. Clicking this icon will allow you to switch between applied languages. Alternatively, you can hold Left Alt + Shift to automatically cycle between languages.


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