Articles about Windows 10.

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Adjusting Appearance of Text and Icons

Instructions for increasing the appearance of text and icons throughout the Windows 10 system and applications.

Applying the Default WKU Background (Windows)

Instructions for changing desktop background to default WKU picture on a WKU-owned machine.

Browsers Not Connecting to the Internet

Instructions for fixing Windows 10 computers that do not connect to the internet in non-Microsoft browsers.

Changing Default Browser

Instructions for choosing which web browser should open when clicking links.

Changing Default Email Application

Instructions on how to change the default email application in Windows 10.

Changing Default File Type Associations

Instructions for changing default file type associations on Windows 10.

Changing Default Text Size

Instructions for changing default text size on Windows 10.

Changing How A Document Opens

Instructions for changing the properties in a document to open in a desired location.

Checking for Windows Updates

Instructions for checking Windows updates on Windows 10.

Creating a PDF with Windows 10

Instructions for printing or making a PDF with Windows 10.

Desktop and Taskbar Missing

Instructions on how to restore your missing Windows desktop shortcuts and taskbar.

Device Manager Displaying Standard User Message

Instructions for opening Device Manager after granting administrator rights.

Disabling Airplane Mode

Instructions for disabling Airplane mode in Windows 10.

Disabling High Contrast Mode

Instructions for disabling high contrast mode on a Windows computer.

Disabling Tablet Mode

Instructions for turning off tablet mode for Windows 10.

Emails Composed in Windows 10 Email Utility Not Sending

Information about emails not sending from the Windows 10 email creation utility.

Enabling AutoPlay

Instructions for enabling AutoPlay on Windows 10.

Enabling Desktop Icons

Instructions for enabling desktop icons such as This PC, Control Panel, Network, and User's Files on Windows 10.

Enabling Hibernation or Sleep on Windows 10

Instructions for re-enabling sleep or hibernation settings on Windows 10.

Enabling Notifications

Instructions for turning on notifications for Windows 10.

Enabling Windows' Antivirus and Security Protection

Information on how to enable Windows' Defender when other antivirus software expires.

Extending Desktop Across Monitors

Instructions for extending desktop display on Windows 10.

File Explorer Freezing

Information about File Explorer freezing in Windows 10.

File Explorer Not Resizing Properly

Instructions for resetting the display settings in Windows 10 when File Explorer windows do not resize properly from full screen.

Full-Screen Windows Display Cut Off

Instructions for fixing full-screen windows that are cut off.

Getting Rid of the Microsoft Account Problem for Shared Experiences

Information about Microsoft Shared Experiences.

Identifying Version and Build Number

Instructions for locating the specific version and build number of Windows 10 installed on a computer.

Import Error When Importing Photos or Videos from an iPhone or iPad

Information regarding an import error that can happen when trying to import photos / videos from an iPhone /iPad to a Windows 10 computer.

Installing an Application Blocked by Administrator

Instructions for installing an application that is blocked by administrator privileges on a computer.

Installing Internet Explorer after Windows Update

Instructions for installing Internet Explorer if it has gone missing after a Windows Update.

Installing Microsoft Store Apps on WKU-Managed PCs

Information about the restriction on and approval process for Microsoft Store apps on WKU-owned Windows 10 computers.

Installing Software with the Software Center App

Instructions for installing applications using the Software Center app on a WKU-Owned Windows device.

Issues Opening Media Files

Instructions for re-associating file types in Windows 10 when encountering a "Class not registered" error.

Maximized Screen Will Not Move

Instructions for enabling the option to move a screen when it is maximized in Windows 10.

Optimizing Systems Reserved Drive

Information on why not to optimize the Systems Reserved Drive.

Prompting for Administrator Account

Information about self-granting admin privileges on Windows machines.

Prompting to Install Only From App Store

Instructions for installing apps from every where on a Windows 10 computer, and not just the app store.

Receiving Error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH for win32full.sys

Instructions for resolving an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH for win32full.sys when trying to print.

Recovering An Off-Screen Window

Instructions on how to recover a missing window that is off-screen.

Removing White Bar at the Top of Display (Windows 10)

Instructions for removing a white bar that appears at the top of certain windows in Windows 10.

Resetting Network Settings

Instructions for resetting your network settings on a Windows 10 computer.

Searching for Files (Windows 10)

Instructions for searching for files on a Windows 10 computer.

Setting Up Speech Recognition

Instructions for setting up and enabling Speech Recognition on a Windows 10 computer.

Showing Mapped Network Drives (Windows)

Instructions for expanding the device list on a Windows 10 computer to show connected network drives.

Signing In With Windows Hello

Instructions for adding Windows Hello sign-in options to a Windows 10 computer with the necessary components.

Software Center Missing Application(s)

Instructions for updating the Software Center app to get the latest list of apps available.

Software Failing to Install Through Software Center

Information about software in the Software Center app failing to install on Windows devices.

Start Menu or Taskbar Not Working

Instructions on what to do your Start Menu stops functioning in Windows 10.

Switching Out of S Mode on Windows 10

Instructions on turning off S mode on a Windows 10 machine.

Taking a Screenshot in Windows 10

Instructions for taking a screenshot in Windows 10.

Toggling Grayscale Display

Instructions for toggling grayscale screen off/on in Windows 10.

Turning Auto-Rotate On or Off

Instructions on disabling or enabling automatic rotation on Windows mobile devices.

Turning Off Magnifier

Instructions on how to turn off the magnifier in Windows 10.

Turning Off Preview View

Instructions for turning off the Preview View in Windows 10 file explorer.

Turning Off Startup Apps

Instructions for turning off startup apps on Windows 10 computers.

Turning Off/On Location Services

Instructions on turning Windows location services off or on.

UAC (User Access Control) Prompting to be Enabled

Information about UAC (User Access Control) prompting to be enabled.

Uninstalling a Device from Device Manager

How to uninstall a device/driver from device manager

Unlinking a Personal Computer from TopperMail Group Policy Mobile Device Management

Instructions for removing a personal computer from TopperMail Mobile Device Management if it has been enrolled.

Unzipping a Zip File

Instructions for opening a Zip file in Windows.

Windows 10 Prompting to Remain Powered On to Install Windows Updates

Information about Windows 10 prompting to remain powered on to install Windows Updates.

Windows Updates Failing to Install

Instructions for resolving failed Windows 10 updates.