Prompting for Administrator Account


When I try to change system settings, add a printer, or install software, I am prompted to log in with an administrator account, but my NetID and password do not work.


  • WKU-Owned Windows Devices


By default, accounts have standard user rights and must be elevated to administrator rights.


  1. Click (Start).
  2. Open the  Make Me Admin application.
  3. Click Grant Me Administrator Rights.
  4. The window will close. You will receive confirmation your account has been given administrator rights.
  5. After 10 minutes your account will return to standard user rights.
    Note: Any programs/installations started during the 10 minute period will retain admin rights, even after the period, until closed/finished.


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Thu 5/5/22 9:35 AM
Fri 10/20/23 4:13 PM

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