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Instructions on downloading and installing SAS.
Information about Microsoft 365 installations failing to start.
Information about AppStreaming support documentation for VMware Horizon.
Information about macOS system/kernel extensions and how to install software that relies on them.
Information on how to get new WKU-owned computers installed.
Information about self-granting admin privileges on Windows machines.
Instructions for how Gatton students install MATLAB onto Gatton laptops.
Instructions for faculty/staff to install Mathematica on a WKU-owned device.
Instructions for WKU students to install Mathematica on a personal device.
Information about installing ArcGIS on WKU-owned Windows machines.
Information regarding LockDown Browser.
Instructions for installing apps from every where on a Windows 10 computer, and not just the app store.
Information about Microsoft Publisher on macOS computers.
Instructions for correcting the error Installation Problem: IMS lib not found when opening Adobe Acrobat.
Information about installing and troubleshooting the Titanium Scheduling Software.