Installing Citrix Workspace (formerly Citrix Receiver)


How do I install the Citrix Workspace (formerly known as Citrix Receiver)?


  1. Go to
  2. Click  next to Workspace app for *operating system*.
  3. Click  next to Workspace app for *operating system* current release.
  4. Click the blue text for Citrix Workspace app with highest version next to it.
  5. Click Download File.
  6. Windows PC:
    1. Run CitrixWorkspaceApp file when download is complete.
    2. When Welcome to Workspace App page appears click continue, and accept the terms of service.
    3. On the Add-on(s) page, do not install any of the add-ons listed. Click install.
    4. Citrix Workspace will continue to install and will run in the background once complete. No Sign-in is required.
  7. Mac:
    1. Click Save.
    2. Run CitrixWorkspaceApp in its download location.
    3. Double-click on Install Citrix Workspace in the window that appears.
    4. Click allow if prompted with a message that says:
      This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed
    5. Continue through the installer until you get to Installation Type page.
    6. Click Install.
    7. Enter your Mac's Password or use touch ID to confirm the install.
    8. Do not select add account, click Continue.
    9. Click Close.
    10. Citrix Workspace installation is complete and will run in the background. No Sign-in is required.

 Note: The Citrix Workspace runs in the background of the computer. After installation, there is no program to open/start.


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