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Instructions for downloading and installing the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Instructions for saving an attachment from OWA.
Instructions for accessing Zoom Cloud Recordings.
Information regarding downloading files and displaying them in-browser.
Instructions for saving a file online manually.
Instructions for flushing sockets when downloads do not complete in Google Chrome.
Information about downloading YouTube videos.
Instructions for finding the downloads folder in Firefox.
Instructions for retrieving Zoom poll results.
Instructions for changing the share settings in a Zoom meeting.
Instructions for downloading a Zoom Recording from a shared link.
Information on how to resolve the error that Respondus cannot download an exam because the Bb server is not set up correctly to Export exams.
Instructions for disabling Google Chrome asking to save each file before downloading.
Instructions for enabling images to automatically download in Outlook 2016.
Instructions for making your own Mediasite recordings downloadable as either standalone mp4 videos or full-featured Publish to Go presentations.