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Instructions for installing SPSS for Windows from the Software Center.
Instructions for current Faculty/Staff/Students on installing Office 365 for free on their personal Mac. Currently, Office 365 offers Office 2019.
Instructions for installing Cisco Jabber.
Instructions for setting up the Cisco VPN in macOS.
Instructions on downloading and installing Respondus.
Information about the restriction on and approval process for Microsoft Store apps on WKU-owned Windows 10 computers.
Instructions for installing Microsoft Office on a WKU-owned macOS device.
Information about installing Microsoft Project and Visio on a WKU-Owned computer.
Information on how to install programs downloaded from websites.
Instructions for installing an application that is blocked by administrator privileges on a computer.
Instructions on registering the Mediasite Desktop Recorder after installing it.
Instructions for downloading and using Zoom on ChromeOS devices
Information about software for students, faculty, and staff to be able to work remotely during COVID-19 outbreaks.
Information about the cost recovery fee for SPSS 24 on the WKU Software Center.
Instructions for installing the Kaufman Hall Axiom budgeting software.