Installing MATLAB (Gatton Academy Students)


How do Gatton Academy students install MATLAB to their Gatton laptops?


  • Windows 10


For Gatton Academy students to utilize MATLAB, they will have to create a Mathworks account user profile and then download the MATLAB installer file.

To create a Mathworks account:

  1. Go to the WKU MATLAB Portal.
  2. Select Sign in to get started button. 
  3. Follow the steps covered in the online video produced by MathWorks: Create a MathWorks Account Using a MATLAB portal.
  4. After creating the Mathworks account, the software can now be downloaded and installed.

Note: To download and install MATLAB software, follow the steps covered in the online video produced by MathWorks: Install an Individual License.​​​​ Before a student launches the MATLAB installer file, they will need to use MakeMeAdmin to elevate their privileges. Please see the Prompting for Administrator Account article for more information.


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