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Installation instructions for the Milestone XProtect Smart Client software.
Information regarding purchasing and discounts at WKU.
Instructions for logging into an Adobe Creative Cloud account purchased through WKU ITS.
Instructions for logging into the Adobe Creative Cloud on a lab, classroom, or student workstation.
An exhaustive list of apps added to AppStreaming with VMware Horizon.
Instructions for the software for a Mini DX3 ID card reader.
Information on what software is available in the Student Technology Center labs around campus.
Information on how software is installed on classroom and lab computers.
Instructions for installing Microsoft Office on a WKU-owned macOS device.
Information about Microsoft 365 installations failing to start.
Instructions for granting admin privileges to macOS user accounts.
Instructions for saving work within an AppStreaming application.
Instructions for how Gatton students install MATLAB onto Gatton laptops.
Instructions for updating the Software Center app to get the latest list of apps available.
Information about software in the Software Center app failing to install on Windows devices.