Saving Work With AppStreaming


How do I save what I have worked on in AppStreaming?

Any work not saved to an external source (e.g., your device, a network drive, or a cloud service like OneDrive) will be destroyed and lost when the connection is closed and cannot be recovered. 


It is recommended to use the VMware Horizon Client to ensure you can save work to your device.
  1. In your app, click File and choose Save As.
  2. Select the P:S:U:, or Z: network drive.
    • P, S, and U drives connect automatically if your NetID account is provisioned for them.
    • Z drive connects automatically if you use the VMware Horizon Client app to connect. It is your user directory on your physical device (e.g. your phone or computer).
      • If you are using the VMware Horizon Client app, but the Z drive does not appear, you may need to manually mount your computer's drive. Reference the Saving to Another Drive article for more information.

Note: If you are using a web browser and the P:, S:, and/or U: drives are unavailable, you may be able to save your work using Horizon's File Transfer Panel. Reference the article Transferring Files and Text to for assistance.


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