Saving Work With AppStreaming


Instructions for saving work within an AppStreaming application.



How do I save what I have worked on in AppStreaming?

Any work not saved to OneDrive will be destroyed and lost when the connection is closed and cannot be recovered. 


  1. Log into OneDrive, if you have not already:
    1. Minimize any open apps to show the AppStreaming Desktop.
    2. Double-click the OneDrive shortcut and sign in with your @topper or @wku email address.
    3. Continue through the​​​​​​ wizard.
  2. Return to your app's window.
  3. Click File and choose Save As.
  4. Navigate to your user directory (This PC > Windows (C:) > Users > [Your NetID]) and select OneDrive - Western Kentucky University.
  5. Return to the AppStreaming Desktop and open the OneDrive shortcut.
  6. Navigate to where you saved your file.
  7. Check the status of the file to ensure it has uploaded to OneDrive.



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