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Articles (10)

Accessing AppStreaming

Instructions for accessing and using the AppStreaming service.

Apps Available Through AppStreaming

An exhaustive list of apps added to AppStreaming with VMware Horizon.

Connecting to OneDrive in Office Apps in AppStreaming

Instructions for connecting to and saving Office documents in OneDrive while using the AppStreaming service.

Horizon Client Download Links

Links for downloading installers for the Horizon app across various platforms/devices.

Mouse Clicks Not Working on Remote Desktop

Information regarding Horizon display protocols needed for rendering Remote Desktop interactions properly and instructions for changing the default protocol from VMware Blast to PCoIP.

Receiving Connection Server Error

Instructions for disconnecting and re-authenticating to Horizon app streaming when a connection error appears.

Saving Work With AppStreaming

Instructions for saving work within an AppStreaming application.

System Requirements for AppStreaming

Information about supported devices/platforms for accessing AppStreaming.

Transferring Files and Text

Information and instructions for the various methods of transferring files and text between a host device and a remotely streamed app using VMware Horizon AppStreaming.

User Guides for AppStreaming

Information about AppStreaming support documentation for VMware Horizon.