Mouse Clicks Not Working on Remote Desktop


When I connect to the Windows 11 vGPU, I can move the cursor around, but I cannot click anything.


The default display protocol, VMware Blast, requires H.264 video decoding on your computer. If H.264 decoding is unavailable, the remote desktop window may not show input interactions from mouse clicks.


Change Display Protocol

  1. From the Horizon Client window, right-click the Windows 11 vGPU icon.
  2. Select Settings...
  3. In the General tab, locate Connect Via: and select PCoIP.
  4. Close the Settings window to return to the main Horizon Client window.
  5. Click (Disconnect from Server).
  6. Select Disconnect.
  7. Reconnect to Horizon, then re-launch Windows 11 vGPU.
  8. The remote desktop will display and respond to mouse clicks as desired.
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Thu 9/21/23 12:44 PM
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