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Information regarding different Course User Roles within Blackboard.
Instructions for Blackboard Instructors on how to view a log of attempts, cleared attempts, overrides, and exemptions for a grade.
Information about supported file types on Blackboard.
Information on getting your display name changed with WKU.
Instructions for embedding an image in a discussion board post.
Instructions for creating a link to Content Collection items on Blackboard.
Instructions to view manual edits of grades in Blackboard.
Instructions on fixing the error stating that the LockDown Browser cannot launch due to Blacklisted Applications.
Information regarding changing the individual/course setting for a Blog.
Instructions for creating a Blackboard Calendar item.
Instructions on downloading and installing Respondus.
Instructions for deleting an annotation on Blackboard.
Information about submission errors from SafeAssign.
Instructions for viewing available grades in Blackboard.
Information about the First Day Inclusive Access texts on Blackboard.