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Instructions for professors on making an assignment available to only specific students.
Instructions for downloading and installing the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Instructions for assigning partial credit to Blackboard assignments.
Information about obtaining the version number of the current installation of Blackboard at WKU.
Instructions for sending an email through Blackboard.
Information regarding TOP for Online Learners.
Information on how long courses are accessible after the term ends.
Instructions on how to create a portfolio in Blackboard.
Information on recovering deleted items from Blackboard.
Information about still not being able to access Omni CMS, or cannot access content in Omni CMS after completing training.
Instructions on navigating and completing the Blackboard OU Campus training.
Instructions for enabling iPad access to a Respondus LockDown Browser test.
Information regarding supported operating systems for the Respondus LockDown Browser.
Instructions for attaching content to Blackboard items when using the text editor.
Instructions for attaching a file to a discussion board post in Blackboard.