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Instructions for enrolling into OU Campus training.
Instructions for creating a Blackboard Calendar item.
Instructions for printing out all Blackboard Course Site announcements.
Instructions for using Blackboard spell-check.
Instructions for hiding courses from a course list on Blackboard.
Instructions on reusing test questions that are not part of a question pool.
Instructions on navigating through different student's blog posts in Blackboard.
Instructions for identifying the circumstances causing some student's test attempts to display a Needs Grading indicator for tests that should be auto-graded.
Instructions for accessing McGraw-Hill Connect from Blackboard.
Information about the difference between a group and group set in Blackboard.
Instructions for viewing results of a survey conducted in Blackboard.
Information regarding alignments and goals in Blackboard.
Instructions on how to edit a discussion board draft in Blackboard.
Information about changing an assignment after it is submitted.
Instructions on resolving an issue where a Blackboard discussion board submission won't save.