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Information regarding registration for WKU Blackboard Original Wikis.
Instructions for pinning a Wiki to a Course Menu in Blackboard Original.
Instructions for inserting a document on a Wiki.
Information about copying wikis to the Blackboard Original wiki feature.
Instructions for creating a rubric in Blackboard Ultra.
Information regarding the types of rubrics that can be created for a course.
Instructions for creating hyperlinks in the Blackboard text editor.
Instructions for students on viewing feedback on a graded assignment/assessment in Blackboard.
Instructions for Instructors on how to change their default course entry page in Blackboard Original View.
Instructions for creating an extra credit column in Blackboard.
Instructions for changing the Assessment results timing for the test.
Instructions for accessing Blackboard's Attendance Tools.
Information regarding supported browsers for Blackboard.
Instructions for Instructors on making course links in the course menu available to the students.