Increasing Course/Organization Quota


How do I request my Blackboard Course/Organization quota be increased?


WKU ITS limits Courses and Organizations to a 2GB limit. Course size will not be increased.

If you are reaching the 2GB limit, here are some suggestions from WKU ITS on how to lower the size of your course.

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Click My Files.
  3. Click Course Files.
  4. Sort by Size.
  5. Click into the course folder that is reaching 2GB.
  6. Sort by Size.
  7. Here are some suggestions for reducing the file size of your large files:
    • Videos: Video files that are directly uploaded to Blackboard can be very large. Instead of uploading the video files directly to Blackboard, upload them to Mediasite and then share the video to your course. This will remove these file types from taking up any space.
    • Other Large Files (e.g., PowerPoints, CAD Files): You can upload these files to your My Files and link them into your courses. Your My Files storage is separate from your Course Files storage and you only have to upload the file once. After it is uploaded to My Files you can then share the file in all of your classes. 


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