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Instructions for changing the Assessment results timing for the test.
Instructions for how to check a students progress of an assignment in Blackboard.
Information regarding support for Blackboard Collaborate.
Information regarding extending the length of a recorded Mediasite video.
Instructions for Instructors on making course links in the course menu available to the students.
Instructions on how to request online ITS trainings for a student worker.
Information about requesting publisher integration into Blackboard Course Sites.
Information for students on what to do when they see a course they are not enrolled when they login to Blackboard.
Information about unenrolling from IT training courses on Blackboard.
Instructions for removing an instructor, TA, or GA from a course site.
Information about the size limit of Blackboard courses and organizations.
Instructions for importing a Course Site in Blackboard.
Information on how to delete an incorrect course copy in Blackboard.
Instructions for completing a Course Copy with Blackboard Ultra courses.
Instructions for requesting student access to past courses that are outside of a normal course term.