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Information about Microsoft OneDrive.
Instructions for installing OneDrive and setting up OneDrive to sync files.
Instructions for logging into Microsoft OneDrive with a WKU Exchange account.
Information about the size limit of Blackboard courses and organizations.
Instructions for accessing OneDrive quota usage.
Instructions for connecting to and saving Office documents in OneDrive while using the AppStreaming service.
How to delete cloud recordings in Zoom
Information regarding files synced through the OneDrive for macOS app that are giving a permissions error.
Instructions for connecting a WKU OneDrive account to Blackboard.
Information on how to request more space on Blackboard for Faculty/Staff.
Instructions for checking your Mediasite quota.
Instructions for checking email quota / storage limits.
Instructions on how to see how much space is in use on your hard drive in Macintosh based machines.
Instructions for freeing up hard drive space on your Mac computer.
Instructions on how to format flash drives and external drives for use on OS X and Windows.