Personal Device Support Information


Does WKU IT provide support to personally-owned devices for Faculty, Staff, or Alumni?


 Note: Faculty or Staff members that are currently enrolled in classes are eligible for personally-owned device support through TopperTech. See related article TopperTech Information.

WKU IT does not provide hardware-based support for personally-owned Faculty, Staff, or Alumni devices. Support available for personally-owned devices is limited to: setup of and logging into WKU systems, such as, Blackboard, email, iWKU, WKU's wireless networks, and mobile devices.

Faculty, Staff, and Alumni that require service of their personally-owned device may seek help from any of the following sources:

Apple Devices

The WKU Store offers a repair service for Faculty/Staff personally owned Apple devices. These devices cannot be owned by WKU and you must not be enrolled in classes. For more information please visit their website.

All other Devices

  • Contact a local computer repair center.
  • Post a request to the WKU-Classifieds.
  • Contact the device manufacturer.