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Information on requesting an ethernet cable for use in a WKU office.
Information about the WKU IT Division's scope of support on personal devices of faculty, staff, and alumni.
Information on if you qualify for TopperTech services.
Information about the support TopperTech offers for Apple computers.
Information on the yearly cost for campus phone service.
Instructions for resolving "No Logon Servers" error on a classroom or lab machine.
Information on adding an access code to an MPS Ricoh printer.
Information on access codes for Ricoh (MPS) printers.
Information about the Terms of Service for deleting emails after connecting a WKU email account to your Android device.
Instructions for restarting the Mediasite Desktop Recorder service on Windows computers.
Information about using the Service Catalog in the WKU Client Portal.
Instructions on how to check the status of your submitted Service Catalog requests.
Instructions on turning Windows location services off or on.
Information about a stopped service error for Symantec Endpoint Protection on Windows computers.
Information about printing services outside of the normal lab printing.