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Information regarding emails reappearing after they have been deleted and potential fixes for this situation.
Instructions on how to add a new device to your Duo Mobile account.
Instructions for removing a personal computer from TopperMail Mobile Device Management if it has been enrolled.
Information on what to do if your leased printer from a vendor is having issues.
Information about consoles and devices that cannot get WKU network access.
Information regarding stolen devices being tracked on WKU's networks.
Instructions for activating Duo on a new phone with the same number?
Information about purchasing WKU-Owned computers, equipment, or IT-related devices upon ending employment.
Information on when and how WKU-owned equipment can be purchased by an individual with personal money.
Instructions on how to find the MAC address of an iOS device.
Instructions for resetting the default print device in Firefox.
Information about how to access the internet on game consoles and streaming media players.
Instructions for enabling notifications through the Blackboard Mobile Learn app for iOS and Android devices.
Information on WKU IT's support of non-WKU hardware or devices.
Instructions for installing apps on an iOS device.