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Information on how to rename your WKU email account.
Information for Faculty/Staff/Students about installing Microsoft 365 on a personal computer.
Information about what email applications are supported by WKU.
Instructions for setting up Microsoft's Multi-Factor authentication for TopperMail accounts and retired faculty / staff email accounts.
Information on looking up a WKU email address.
Information on how to get new WKU-owned computers installed.
Instructions for WKU faculty, staff, and students to create a laptop reservation using the Connect2 system.
Information on how to log into the iWKU app with or with a NetID and password.
Instructions for looking up remaining Free Print Allocation for students or faculty/staff.
Information about the connection options available to WKU students, employees, affiliates, and guests.
Information about the WKU IT Division's scope of support on personal devices of faculty, staff, and alumni.
Information on when Faculty and Staff will get their email account created.
Instructions for accessing Degree Works.
Instructions on emailing the Faculty/Staff-All mailing lists.
Instructions for voting in TopNet elections.