Enabling Staff Page Add-On


How do I enable a Staff Page for my website?


  • OU Add-Ons


A Staff Page must be requested through OU Add-Ons by the Main Site Contact. The steps below have to be completed by the Main Site Contact:

  1. Log into OU Add-Ons.
  2. Click Sites.
  3. Click View Your Sites.
  4. Click the Action Page next to the site you want to turn the Staff Page on for.
  5. Click Administration.
  6. Click Modify Add-Ons.
  7. Click Add Add-On.
  8. Check Staff Add-On.
  9. Click Add Add-On.
If a second Staff Page Add-On needs to be turned on it has to be done by the Omni CMS Administrators. You will need to contact the ITS Service Desk with the following information:
  1. The address of your website.
  2. The folder of where you want the Staff Page to be. This will need to be a folder that does not currently exist. For example, we add /staff by default. If you are requesting a second Staff Page, we need to know what that folder needs to be instead of /staff.
  3. The email addresses of the people who need to be able to manage the Staff Page and it's components.


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