Articles about unsupported systems by WKU ITS.

Articles (39)

Accessing ROTC Blackboard

Information for accessing ROTC Blackboard.

Acquiring Vouchers for IT-Related Certifications

Information about IT-Related certification offered by WKU ITS.

Anthology Portfolios

Information regarding Anthology Portfolio support.

Changing Course Evaluation Information

Information regarding course evaluations.

Changing Google Doc Permissions

Instructions for sharing a Google Doc.

Communication Theory App Information

Information on getting assistance with the Communication Theory App (

Contacting Pearson For MyMathLab Support

Instructions for contacting MyMathLab Support when having issues with it.

Converting WordPerfect Documents

Information on how to open/convert WordPerfect files.

Cropping Images Using Microsoft Paint

Instructions for cropping an image in Microsoft Paint.

Double-Sided Printing From Word 2007

Instructions for enabling double-sided printing in Word 2007.

Downloading YouTube Videos

Information about downloading YouTube videos.

EPAF Problems

Information on how to handle issues with EPAF forms.

Error Logging Into Top Life Benefits

Information about logging into TopLife Benefits.

Home Network Support Limitations

Information about getting help with your personal home network.

Issues Accessing CommuniCoach

Information regarding CommuniCoach.

Issues Accessing iStart

Information on what to do if you cannot login to iStart.

Issues with Accommodate

Information on who to contact when you are having issues with Accommodate.

Issues with Axiom

Information regarding Axiom support.

Issues with Clickers

Information about what to do if your clicker is having issues.

Issues with Pearson LockDown Browser

Instructions for Pearson LockDown Browser issues when the Respondus LockDown Browser is already installed on the device.

Issues with TOP for Online Learners

Information regarding TOP for Online Learners.

Logging Into Connect4Education

Information about Connect4Education.

Logging into Title IX Training

Information about logging into Title IX training.

Making Datasets Compatible with Older Versions of Stata

Instructions for making datasets compatible for users with older versions of Stata.

Non-Standard Device Support Limitations

Information on WKU IT's support of non-WKU hardware or devices.

Non-Standard Software Support Limitations

Information on WKU IT support of outside software.

Opening a file in AutoCAD

Instructions for opening a file in AutoCAD on macOS.

Personal Device Support Information

Information about the WKU IT Division's scope of support on personal devices of faculty, staff, and alumni.

Registering for Maximo

Instructions for registering for Maximo.

Registering for Topper Orientation Program (TOP)

Instructions on how to register for TOP and who to contact if you have questions or issues.

Removing files from CEBS Portfolio System

Instructions about removing files from the CEBS e-Pass Portfolio.

Removing Google Cached Search Results

Information on how to remove unwanted search results from Google.

Sending a Fax

Information regarding faxing for students on campus.

Signing in to Roomzilla

Instructions for logging in to Roomzilla.

Student Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9

Information on the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form for student employment.

Troubleshooting AdvisorTrac

Information about AdvisorTrac support.

Unlocking Dining Sidekick Account

Information on getting your Dining Sidekick account unlocked.

Watching WKU Sports Online

Information about watching WKU sporting events online.

WKU Employment Application

Information about Interview Exchange.