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Manufacturer Contact Information

Articles about how to contact manufacturers when replacement parts are needed.

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Cancelling an Existing Laptop Reservation

Instructions for cancelling an existing laptop reservation within the Connect2 laptop reservation system.

Getting Help Buying a Computer

Information on what to do when students need advice on buying a computer.

Installing MATLAB (Gatton Academy Students)

Instructions for how Gatton students install MATLAB onto Gatton laptops.

Qualifying for TopperTech

Information on if you qualify for TopperTech services.

Reporting Issues with TopperTech Laptops

Information on what to do when you have issues with equipment checked out through TopperTech (formerly TRC).

Reserving a Laptop from TopperTech

Instructions for WKU faculty, staff, and students to create a laptop reservation using the Connect2 system.

Safe Computing Information

Information and recommendations for keeping computers and accounts safe from infection and being compromised while at WKU.

Servicing Apple Computers

Information about the support TopperTech offers for Apple computers.

TopperTech Information

Information about TopperTech services.