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Instructions for adding a networked printer through Active Directory.
Instructions for selecting all content using a keyboard command for Windows.
Information about Windows 10 laptops not connecting to WKU Wifi networks after being upgraded.
Information about the restriction on and approval process for Microsoft Store apps on WKU-owned Windows 10 computers.
Information about updating mail application credentials after having your email account migrated to Microsoft 365.
Instructions on how to delay the delivery of an email in Outlook 2016.
Instructions for accessing shared mailbox accounts after migration to Microsoft 365.
Information about self-granting admin privileges on Windows machines.
Instructions for opening Device Manager after granting administrator rights.
Instructions for installing applications using the Software Center app on a WKU-Owned Windows device.
Instructions for updating the Software Center app to get the latest list of apps available.
Information about software in the Software Center app failing to install on Windows devices.
Instructions on how to change priority of Internet connection options. This is useful for docked laptop setups where wireless is trying to connect before Ethernet, causing issues.
Instructions for joining WKU-SECURE on a Windows 10 computer.
Instructions on how to recover a missing window that is off-screen.